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The Long and Short(cake) of it.

star shortcakesEver since I was a kid I have adored shortcake. I even asked for the strawberry variety once on what I believe was my 5th birthday. Imagine my delight when I came upon a recipe for blueberry shortcake cookies in Guidepost Magazine. I love the fact that a non-food-focused publication prints some of the best recipes I’ve ever tried and that they all convert to allergy-friendly meals so easily. Being a lefty I have the habit of reading all my mags back to front, and since the food section of Guidepost is usually the very last story it’s a nice treat every month. What can I say – it’s the little things.

These little things – star-shaped shortcakes that go gluten-free in a snap – are easy and fun to make, especially if you are using my dirty little secret: Cup for Cup gluten-free flour. It comes already mixed with our favorite sticky component, xanthan gum, so you don’t have to worry about an accidental crumbly mess lest you forget the stuff (we all remember the crumb graveyard known as Cellina’s Neighborhood Association Party Brownies of years past). It’s a pricy bag of ground grain and totally worth Andrew Jackson’s face on a piece of green paper. I also splurged and bought extra heavy cream for whipping. What the heck – it’s July, I haven’t baked in ages, and the thought of adding “hand whips her own cream” to my domestic resume` next to “uses eco-friendly disposable diapers for her child’s bum” sounded like a plan. The raspberries are from a wild crop in our own garden. I’m baking, inadvertently growing berries next to my house and doing it all while my little one coos in his bouncy chair under my feet. Yep, The Hopeful Foodie is back, hons – mom style!

*Kathleen King’s Star-Shaped Blueberry Shortcakes (from the July issue of Guidepost Magazine)

*to convert to GF subsitute Cup for Cup gluten-free flour for the unbleached wheat flour.  You’ll have to add a little more liquid (cream) to the mix.  The pro is that the recipe will be bigger, allowing you to nosh more of these delectable shortcakes while no one is looking.

Happy 4th!

Cellina – The Hopeful Foodie


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