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Valley of the Really Freakin’ Good Food

Always the best

My great friend Michele called me up last week to offer me a foodie column in The Valley Times (a bi-monthly publication in Northern Baltimore Co).  I’ll be reviewing allergy-friendly restaurants in the Baltimore area (and eating really well in the process).  I am obviously tickled pink over this and haven’t shut up about it for a whole week.  Once it’s up, I’ll post a link.  In the meantime, enjoy Michele’s blog: Wojo’s World- http://wojosworld.com/new-stuff/

I have the best friends ever!!!

Until the next time,

Cellina – The Hopeful (and grateful) Foodie.


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An ironman, a commish and Tom Colicchio walk into a blog.......

What do these three men have in common (besides, in their wiser years, looking horrifyingly alike)?

Well, they were the subject of the week during our surprise trip to Cooperstown, NY last year – where we spent 7 glorious days in a house that wasn’t our own cooking to our heart’s desire.

Yes, we are those people: the ones who go on vacation and only venture out for ice cream and farm museum tours, preferring rather, to make their own meals in a strange and unfamiliar kitchen (which I might add is nicer than our own at home, thankyouverymuch).

So why Cal, Commish, and Tom – the Q-balled Italian Stallion?  Because when you’re from Baltimore and you visit the place that the legendary Iron Man brought over 70,ooo fans to on his induction day at The Baseball Hall of Fame it’s kinda magical.  Throw in an obsession for reality cooking series, Top Chef, and an unexplainable fascination with Ed Norris and there you have it: three famous bald men, one country town in upstate New York and enough farm fresh eggs than you know what to do with.

While we spent the week laughing about our crazy dumb luck (we actually won this vacation during a silent auction I worked as a charity gig.  Not bad for a whole 70 bucks) and the eerie likenesses of our bald wonders we made some absolutely excellent meals and it’s not the first time we’ve done such a thing.  In fact, it got me thinking – some of the best gastronomical masterpieces we’ve created have been while on holiday somewhere with access to a full kitchen.  That’s why I decided to create and share what I will call some of Hopeful Foodie’s Best Vacation Kitchen Exploits (aka: a good excuse to share all those damn pictures we take of food).   Enjoy!

Corn salsa with cayenne peppers...ole!

Cod Marinara a la Italian Joe

Green 'maters downy oshin ready to be fried

The finished product

Dish Break!

Cornmeal crusted zucchini, mmmmm.

Summer Onion Soup - uh huh!

The best gf/yf pizza crust in town.

mmmm, farm fresh.

After all that cooking, tanning and touring you need to sit down, relax and just pose for all those good meals you made.

Always corny

With gluttonous love,

Cellina – The Hopeful Foodie

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