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Makeovers, Sleepovers, and Flyovers!

In response to the very persistent urges from Phil Yost (friend, fellow parishoner and ‘brotha’), including various comments that started with, “Wisdom teeth, really?” I decided to write this post in the last 45 minute I have in front of the screen before I board a plane for Alaska.

Yes, Alaska – where I will eat wild bear, floss with petrified antlers, and attempt to swim upstream.  Alaska – where I will finally be able to cook s’mores indoors and see a moose (if not eat one).  Alaska – where I won’t make it to if I keep going on like this on what needs to be a very short and concise post!

I’m going to visit a dear friend and can’t wait to share our adventures, pictures and foody delights once I come back (and yes, Phillip, I promise to be prompt), but for now, let me fill you in on the last few:

Extreme Makeover: Life Edition.

Actually, it was the plain, ol’ home edition, but there was nothing plain or old about it.  ABC landed in our backyard, practically, about 2 weeks ago, and along with their mark, left a three story, 11,ooo sq ft mansion on the empty lot behind our house.  It was quite the adventure and we have the pictures (and stories) to prove it, but most of all, the bellies.  ABC fed us good!

Mmmm, yeast.

Being that we were residents, all meals were open to us (including both the 10PM and 2AM dinner hours), which basically meant we bought absolutely no food that week had to pry whatever grew in the fridge for 10 days off its cold, plastic walls.  This proved tricky after 5 straight days of pasta served eight ways and late-night servings of shepherd’s pie in the middle of a 103 degree heat wave.  We definitely worked up an appetite however (note, that I am now for the first time going to introduce my professional career into this blog.  Wait for it, wait for it), since 50 seated and table massages in one week will do that to a person and the brave set-up man who married her.

Work it!

All in all, it was a fun time, great cause, and finally called for wine and dine at Clementine mid-week, less we lose our minds on the frantic energy and excitement of 1,ooo workers  trying to build a house in a week during a chaotic, torrential rainstorm!

Quail-gon, take me away!

The quail, sausage-stuffed, with its incredible grits and blueberry chutney, soothed the drywall away.  The tequila in my drink didn’t hurt me none, either.

So that was that and it was all gouda, my friends.  Especially for the young women who will, I’m sure soon, enjoy their custom kitchen.

Move that bus!

This weekend was ended in a delightfully giddy way with my nieces and the sleepover that kept us up until 4AM.  It is never wise to underestimate the power of snacking on crab chips with three teens and one tween till the wee hours of the night and then waking to chocolate chip pancakes and bacon in the morning (thank you, Unkie Tim)!  It may not be gourmet, but you’ll never forget the sweetness of it all (or the hairspray gunked in your hair from the night before).

When toe cheese attacks!

So off I go to the land of (melted) ice and snow, taking with me all of the memories I hold dear of this enchanting, amazing, and slightly psychotic summer.

Just keep swimming (upstream, always),


The Hopeful Foodie


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