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People don’t eat very well around here.  You don’t have to give me the Colorado statistics for me to know this fact (apparently, CO has the record for healthiest state – woo hoo for them and their firm thighs….).  All I have to do is run to the grocery store right before a big snowstorm to see the proof myself: frantic customers throwing pre-packaged, pre-made frozen slabs of pretend meals in their already bulging carts, getting ready for 2 1/2 weeks of snowed-in bingeing bliss.  I shook my head and didn’t think much of it until I happened to catch this on the news today – the newest winter weather dilemma is not the 2 feet of packed snow that lies in the middle of your side street, threatening to rip the undercarriage right out from under your car, it’s this, friends: The horror-inducing, button-busting BLIZZARD BLOAT OF 2010! God help us all!

Let me now note what the east coast three-blizzards- in-a-row snow dump has done to the waistlines of this household.  Brace yourselves, because between the two of us, we’ve lost an estimated 18 pounds in two weeks!  How, do you ask, does half the state blow up so incredibly that it makes the evening news, yet some obscure couple in an obscure Baltimore neighborhood loses the equivalent of an average male pug in less than a month?

Well, we buy produce.  Real produce.  And meat!  100% fascia-covered, shiny pink meat.  We also buy grains.  Yes, straight from the mill, grown-in-the-ground grains.  And then, we cook all of these things in our own kitchen, with our own oven and stove and eat it all week long. Amazing, isn’t it?

Learning we had food issues opened up a world of cooking for us that was instilled in our childhoods, but gave way to convenience as we grew.  Getting back to basics – a metal pot, some potatoes and greens, water and a cabinet of spices has saved our guts, literally.  Making homemade hot cocoa, chicken pot pie, and a huge pot of soup on a snowy Winter’s night is doing wonders for our marriage.  I can’t wait for us to share the kitchen floor with our kids one day.  In the meantime, however, bring on the size 8 jeans, baby, ’cause someone’s getting skinny!

Here’s some snowed-in delights from the past 2 1/2 weeks:


The best gf biscuits in the free world

upclose stock

A freezer's worth of stock scraps makes......

stock pot

....a bitchin pot of soup (not to mention 24 cups of veggie stock to freeze & store)!


A sink full of dishes, dishes.......


...and more dishes is worth it when it produces....


...a wonderfully romantic dinner for two! Vino red, included.

Who says a gluten-free, (mostly) yeast-free life can’t be deliciously fulfilling?  I don’t know, but I think there’s a Mama Celeste spill  in aisle three.

Deliciously yours,


The Hopeful Foodie

PS: recipes to follow very soon!  You’re gonna love these biscuits, honey child!


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