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Candycane licking good, y'all

As I sit here tonight, watching Ratatouille with my favorite food critic (my husband), eating homemade gluten-free fried chicken with moo-less cream gravy, I’m amused by the fact that we’re in the middle of a blizzard here in Baltimore, having a Christmas picnic in our living room.

You know what else amuses me?  The tub of gluten-free/casein-free Joe Corbi’s cookie dough in the freezer and how my in-laws raved over the crispy, sweet product that came from that very tub.  I’m amused by the box mix I brought to the neighborhood association Christmas party, and how those babies flew right off the table, even after everyone heard me proclaim to the world that the wheatless little delight had indeed arrived, thus starting the party.

It brings a silly, little smile to my face when I recall the night that Tim and I came home from yet another family shindig hungry and longing for doughy, mozzarella topped sweetness and in a desperate act, decided to make our own yeast- and gluten-free pizza….at 8 ‘o clock at night.  We are not bakers by nature, so naturally, we added too much xanthan gum and spent half the night laughing hysterically while attempting to pry the sticky dough from our fingers.  Our pizza turned out square that night, with the appearance of an English muffin, and a biscuity texture.  The sauce was slightly sweet and the pepperoni thick and unevenly cut.  It was fabulous.  I long for more nights like that one, where we throw caution to the wind and decide to  brave this yeasty gluten train called life like the two proud Irish-Sicilians we are!

Life amuses me.  Food feeds my zest for life.  On this snowy December night, I am barricaded, amused, and very zesty indeed.  Be brave, my foodie friends, and be deliciously blessed this holiday season.



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