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Please enjoy my 2009 list of foodie thankfulness.  Some are humorous, others are downright tear-worthy and a few are a nice combination of both.  I sincerely hope that this tongue-in-cheek inspiration will stir the saucepan of gratitude in you, my readers hearts.

Without further ado…….

Hopeful Foodie’s Top Gratefuls for 2009:

  1. For my 83 yr old father-in-law, who bought rice flour for the first time in his life this year, so his son and I could have fried fish on Tuesday again.
  2. For Gluten Free Wallflower (aka: my cousin, Holly) who introduced us to the wide world of gluten-free living, and got us through the last year of our lives without ‘the bread!’
  3. For the following blessed products of nature: coconuts, cranberries, olive oil, and brown rice!
  4. For H&M, who supplied me with my first bikini in ten years after I conquered the ‘battle of the bloat’ post-elimination diet.
  5. For my husband, Tim, who weathered through my die-off symptoms, those emotional ‘dark days’ while eating out, and supported me through the toughest food challenge of my life (aka: the allergy-elimination diet).
  6. Did I mention rice and rice-products?
  7. For my mom, bless her heart, who supported me even when she couldn’t feed me, and who didn’t rub the Sunchips in my face when I burst into tears as she ate them!
  8. For acidophilous: a very small organism with a large name, that saved my intestinal tract in the form of  capsules that I so lovingly refer to as Pro-pro’s.
  9. Potatoes.  And rice.  Did I mention rice?
  10. an oldie but goodie memory: for my father and step-mom who surprised me one year when they made ‘cream’ of potato soup completely out of dry non-dairy coffee creamer so I could eat it without getting sick!
  11. For this year’s totally gluten-free, yeast-free, sugar-free Thanksgiving, thanks to our extended family of beautiful friends and loved ones.
  12. For the Lord of the Earth, who gave me an answer, and the strength, willpower, and smarts to find my own way.  Thank you!
  13. for RICECAKES: the blandest, most tasteless, most wonderful food on Earth when you need something to put an egg onto!

Thank you,  fellow foodies for taking a chance on this amusing, and hopefully helpful, little blog.  Here’s to you and yours this holiday season: don’t forget the Rice Nog!

Yours in thankful foodieness,


The Hopeful Foodie


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dark autumn road

Ah, the lone road

Soooooooo……*awkward silence*…it has indeed been a while.

I guess I could say I needed a “break.”  It wasn’t you, it was me.  I’m happy to say, however, that in the span of a month or so I’ve “found” myself and am ready to pick back up….but not where we left off.

Food is…emotional.  There are thousands of support  groups, diet clubs, and nutritional message boards dedicated to the emotions surrounding the way we eat, or don’t eat.  I’m very lucky and blessed that I don’t have to go through the hardships of having an eating disorder, whether it’s excessive comspumtion, not enough of it, or the many dark rooms where buckets and jars of a scarred exsistance lay hidden.  I can’t imagine what that must be like and it makes me grateful that food sensitivies are all that ails me.  Sure, I miss mushrooms, oranges, corn-on-the-cob, and pizza, but I’m not starving myself to death, or eating myself to obesity.  For that, I give thanks.

Ah, thanks. I’m about a week early, I know, but I still must be thankful.  I went to the dentist a few weeks ago for the first time in seven years (I know, I know – I’ve been a naughty girl.  As the supporting actor in some anonymous movie always says, ” I had a bad experrrrrience”) and it was amazing to me how much we pack into our pieholes without even thinking of the effects our eating habits have on our bodies.  Granted, your first cavity at the age of 27 ain’t so bad, and with all the sugar I was packing into my system without even knowing it I should be happy that I have teeth to speak of, but still.

Still.  When do we ever do that?  When do we ever get still and just look at where we are, what we’re doing, what we could be doing, and what we really need to change?  When did we start depending on the Food & Drug and these flashy named-brands to nourish our bodies  and trust that these ingredients that we can’t even pronounce are good for us because they are quick and easy and allow us to work ourselves to death  everyday for the greater good of our society?  When did we stop listening to our bodies for the sake of convience?

I truly do believe that half of our problems are because we as humans just can’t let nature be perfect in itself.  This week I will get nice and still in preperation for my thanks.  I took my break.  I “found” myself.  I got scary and emotional, and now I will be still.  Not quiet, necessarily, but quite still. The next time you hear from me you will hear the gift of my gratitude…and possibly the recipe for a great gluten free/ yeast free baked good.  That will the the “face my fears” step since baking and me mix about as well as anchovies and apples.

With that, I will leave you with a recipe and a little bit of inspiration:

Clean-out-the-freezer Turkey lentil soup

This is a great Fall soup for when all you have in the ‘fridge are limp veggies and half a bag of okra/green beans/broccoli in the freezer

  • 4 cups or so of chicken or veggie stock*
  • 2 cups of water (or more stock, if you have it)
  • 1 small onion
  • 2 or so garlic cloves
  • 1-2 cups leftover turkey (or chicken), frozen or fresh
  • 1 cup lentils
  • 1 fresh/frozen ham hock
  • 1/half bag green veggie (okra, green beans,broccoli, etc)
  • fresh or dried herbs such as cilantro and thyme, to taste.
  • s&p, to taste

Saute the onion and garlic in a few swirls of olive oil or oil of your choice until nice and soft, in a big ‘ol stock pot.  Add the turkey/chicken until defrosted or heated thoroughly.  Add your stock and bring to a boil.  You can also turn up the heat and deglaze the pot with white wine before adding the stock for some extra richness.  Once you’re boiling, add the lentils, ham hock and herbs.  Turn that baby down and let it simmer, uncovered for a good half hour.  After that you can cover if you like, stirring occasionally.  Last 10 minutes, turn it up, add the bag o’ veg  and stir until it’s completely hot and bubbly. (you can also take out the ham hock and shave the meat off to add to the pot.  I always put the bone back in for a rustic look).

S&P to taste with your fav. gluten-free mini loaf and you’ve got yourself a hot bowl of Autumn goodness!

*I make my own stock by saving the ends of cut veggies.  I freeze them until soup-making time.  Then, I  just throw the contents of the bags into a big pot of water, bring to a boil and simmer down for a good hour+. Strain goes the stock, and the rest for the garbage disposal.  I also save the juice from my Coq au Vin to make a bitchin’-delishin’ chicken-wine stock.  Awww yeah, baby.

With Autumny goodness in the belly and hopefullness always,


The Hopeful Foodie

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