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Demon-sushiMy most commonly used phrase this week was, “I really shouldn’t eat that.”  My most commonly used explanation after I didn’t listen to my first phrase was, “uugggghhhh.”

This, I’m learning, is what happens when something goes awry during my week.  Not when, say, the sink drips, or I spill my tea all over the coffee table.  It’s when something big happens, like learning that I don’t have a job.  Oh, yeah.  Bring on the sugar train.

I’m not one of those girls who gets upset and eats a whole chocolate cake or bag of chips in one sitting, but I am one of those girls who eats the one thing she knows she is not supposed to eat to excess because it will make her sicker than sick later.  It started that night with about 5 brownies.  Not a biggie unless you have not only sugar but also caffeine issues.  Count that one in as an insomnia-filled, bloated-as-a-frikkin’-whale kind of night.

It didn’t stop there, though.  Now, I wasn’t just feeling rebellious, I was craving some starchy goodness.  This went on for about three more days until I woke up this morning and said to myself, “I must be out of my mind.”  I definitely felt that way as I squeezed myself into my new white capris – the ones that fit me just about 4 days prior (Hint: bloat and white pants do not go well together, especially if going out in public, like to a house of worship, is an involved factor)!

Now, I feel pretty bad.  I’m always going on and on about how I can have starchy, sugary things in moderation, that just one bowl of pasta, or oatmeal cookie, or double scoop ice cream cone isn’t going to kill me as long as I don’t (hehe, haha) eat all three foods at once!  Obviously, I forgot that last night as I shoved two ears of corn, a big ol’ slice of German chocolate cake, and two malted beverages down my throat! Or the day before when I ate enough sushi to feed a village, or the day before that when I threw caution to the wind and downed half a package of cream cheese  for lunch!

I did my best to make penance with my small intestine today with pro-biotics and lamb in coconut-yogurt sauce.  I think we’re on speaking terms again, but we have a long way to go.  I, in the meantime, will not be touching any of the Yuengling calling to me from the fridge and am going to keep a good half mile distance between myself and the nearest Chinese restaurant!

May the yeast go on…..without me for a little while.

Cellina – The Hopeful Foodie


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Udon_NoodlesWhat is it about a steaming hot bowl of noodles that makes every worry, stomachache and brownie-induced toxin go away?  I wondered that today as I contemplated over a hotpot of udon at Hikari this afternoon (Hikari, by the way, is very cute Japanese restaurant in the Carney area of Baltimore County.  For more on my geographical area of choice, see my profile).

I was determined to take in every spoonful of the medicinal broth slowly, and attempt not to look both perverted and pathetically American as I methodically slurped up each noodle.  These are noodles from the Heavens, people: thick, soft, chewy buckwheat strands of goodness that pleased the part of me that overdosed on gluten-free brownie the day before (note to self: gluten free does not equal sugar free, especially when you add a heaping tablespoon of Kahlua to the batch)!

I think there was something about the environment, too, that drew me in today.  There’s something about the bright white walls, light wood accents and a ginormous sushi clock that makes me feel all calm and zen and Japanese. I’ve noticed I’ve gone very Asian lately at home, too.  Earlier this week I concocted  a curry beef stirfry that made my hair stand on end.  Give a girl with yeast problems a can of coconut milk and a bag of onions and even if she is about as Asian as Tyrone down the road she’ll make a bangin’ curry that even Krishna can’t argue with.  I love this about food: no matter what your background or where you come from, the produce in your fridge will not argue with you over what you choose to do with it.  Your family might, but that’s a different story all together!

Yours in noodle Heaven,

Cellina-The Hopeful Foodie

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P1000495Food: I don’t just love it, I adore it.  I grew up  crawling around a kitchen floor, picking up the scraps as I went along.  I think that’s why I chose to start this blog: for all of us foodbabies out there who are on an endless search for the best of the best, despite the fact that our food issues have kept us on the linolium muttering, “Damn (fill in food intolerance here)” under our breath.  My little thorn in the side is yeast – that one-celled, brainless spore that makes eating pizza and drinking beer really, really difficult.

I could happily survive, however, if it was merely pizza and beer, but systemic yeast makes anything that is or turns into sugary goodness once it enters my body into a yeast-a-licious toga party.  Thus  resulting in nasty little conditions with equally nasty names like Leaky Gut Syndrome, and other wonderfully named disorders that you really, really don’t need to hear about on a food blog that claims deliciousness.

So, what does a hopeless foodie do?  She gets hopeful and starts cooking (and eating, and looking for restaurants that will fulfill her foodie needs).  She looks for other foodies like her who can’t have gluten or soy or eggs or twice baked pork from the  China Wok down the street – people who refuse to give up hope in the wonderful world of cooked stuff!

Join me, fellow foodies.  The road ahead looks positively scrumptious!

Deliciously yours,

Cellina-The Hopeful Foodie

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